Lab meetings

We have weekly lab meeting and journal clubs. Journal clubs are held together with the labs of Rasmus Nielsen, Monty Slatkin and Yun Song. Students and postdocs are also encouraged to attend weekly CTEG meetings.

Lab meetings: Wednesdays 9.30-11am, 324 Stanley Hall
Popgen journal club: Mondays 4-5pm, 321 Stanley Hall.
CTEG meeting: Fridays, 4-5pm, 4110 VLSB.

Lab meeting schedule (2020– )

Date Speaker Title
Aug 7 – aug 28 Paper Discussions
Jul 31 Kailey Ferger Leveraging admixed chromosomes to detect signals of selection
Jul 24 Gillian Chu & Hunter Nisonoff Local ancestry inference: Rfmix + MixClass
Jul 3 Mehreen Mughal Detection and analysis of admixed genomic segments without donor reference information
Jun 19 April Wei Inference of asymmetric migration rate and effective population size from whole-genome sequences
Mar 25 Manjusha Chintalapati DATES
Mar 11 Cancelled: Priya visiting Brown University
Mar 4 Priya Moorjani Paper Discussion
Feb 26 Yun Deng Evolution of human-specific duplications
Feb 19 Cancelled: CCB Graduate Recruitment
Feb 12 Kailey Ferger Mutation rate variation in human populations
Feb 5 Manjusha Chintalapati Dating multiple admixture events in human history: Review of MALDER and DATES
Jan 29 Elora Hayter Lopez Somatic evolution and the heritability of somatic mutations in clonal, colonial corals
Jan 22 Remi Tournebize Reconstructing the history of founder events
Jan 15 Gillian Chu Local ancestry inference and discussion of Rfmix.
Jan 8 Mehreen Mughal Identification of ghost admixture in human populations