Join us


Our lab is part of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Center for Computational Biology. It is located in Stanley Hall, suite 324. We share this space with Profs. Lisa Barcellos and Jennifer Listgarten. We are actively looking for motivated  students and postdocs interested in working on human evolutionary genetics – come join us!

Undergraduate students

We have positions available for students who are looking for research experience, ideally with the goal of doing an honors thesis. A prospective undergraduate researcher should expect to commit a minimum of 12 hours per week to research during the semester and  full-time during the summer for a minimum of 3 consecutive semesters/summers. To apply, please see the postings on URAP or send me your CV that includes relevant coursework, GPA, work or research experience, a statement of research interests, and the contact information of two references.

Prospective graduate students

We are looking for graduate students with interests in human population genetics and evolutionary biology. Given the interdisciplinary nature of our research, we recruit students from a number of programs, in particular Molecular and Cell Biology, Center for Computational Biology and Bioengineering.

Prospective postdocs

We are looking for highly motivated postdocs with computational/ mathematical/ population genetics background. If interested, please send me your CV, a description of your background and experience and a brief statement of research interests and goals for postdoc training. Detailed description of the open postdoc position is available here.