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We are located in Stanley Hall in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UC also part of the Center for Computational Biology. Our lab space is the part of the computational suite shared with Profs. Lisa Barcellos and Jennifer Listgarten.

Open positions are available for postdocs and students with computational/ mathematical/ genetics background. If interested, please send me your CV and a brief statement of your research interests to moorjani(at)berkeley(dot)edu.


I am Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University in Molly Przeworski’s lab. Prior to joining Molly’s group, I did my PhD at Harvard University, advised by David Reich and Nick Patterson. During my dissertation, I worked on computational approaches for characterizing the population structure and history of contemporary human populations (in particular, West Eurasians and South Asians). A key focus of my postdoctoral research has been to develop novel genetic approaches for dating evolutionary events that use the molecular clocks of mutation and recombination events. To this end, I am using genetic data from modern and ancient genomes for dating the archaic admixture between humans and Neanderthals, inferring the human-ape divergence times, estimating the evolutionary history of human-specific duplications and more generally, understanding the chronology of human evolution.


2013-present          Postdoctoral fellow, Columbia University
2008-2013              PhD Genetics, Harvard University
2006-2008             Bioinformatics Specialist, Massachusetts General Hospital
2003-2005              MSc Bioinformatics, George Washington University
1999-2003              BE Computer Science, University of Mumbai